Parish News for the 15th Week in Ordinary Time

July 15, 2023 by James Elston in Weekly News

This Sunday is the 15th in Ordinary Time. In the Gospel reading Jesus is followed by so many people that he gets into a boat on the lake, speaking to them as they stand on the beach. From time to time we all need to get away from crowd of our own busy-ness so that we can hear the voice of Jesus more clearly  Click here for the Scripture Readings.

Building Works in Church
The repairs to the cracks and restoration of the interior of the church is progressing well but the church is now full of scaffolding. Mass this Sunday will be outside on the courtyard just as we were during Covid. Please come and fill the air with singing in a powerful witness to our faith. The works are due to finish by the end of August.

Please give regularly!
Giving regularly supports our ministry and keeps the doors open everyday of the year for all. It is particularly important at the moment when the church is closed and our visitor donations have vanished.  If you are a UK taxpayer then we can also claim gift aid and increase your donation. If you feel that our church life feeds your faith then please support us Click here to sign up. Every little helps….

Silent Prayer Group will meet again at S. Paul’s Camden Square on Thursdays at 1pm. 20th July, 17th August and the 21st September. These short sessions of contemplative prayer are led by Judy Powell who is a Licensed Lay Minister and an experienced spiritual director. All welcome.

Parish film 
A really beautiful 7mins film has been made about the S.Paul’s Woodland Garden Project. Please click here to watch.

Regular Giving
Supports our ministry and keeps our doors open everyday of the year for all. Click here to sign up. Every little helps.

Mass Times

Sunday 16th July
15th per annum
Solemn Mass 9.30am followed by coffee

Monday 17th July
Mass 9.30am

Tuesday18th July
Mass and Benediction 6.30pm followed by drinks

Wednesday 19th July
Mass 11am at S.Paul’s followed by coffee

Thursday 20th July
Mass 10am followed by coffee

Friday 21st July
S.Laurence of Brindisi
Mass 1.05pm at S.Mary’s Fr James’ day-off 

Saturday 22nd July
S.Mary Magdalen
Mass 10am 

Sunday 23rd July
16th per annum
Solemn Mass 9.30am followed by coffee