Parish News for the 17th Week in Ordinary Time

July 21, 2022 by James Elston in Weekly News

Weekly News

This Sunday is the 17th in Ordinary Time. In the Gospel reading, Jesus teaches his disciples how to pray with the Lord’s Prayer. It is a prayer most of us learnt as children and is prayed millions of times a day across the world in countless languages, in schools and in prison, at the sick bed and with the dying, it is one of the treasures of our faith that unites all Christians.

Nicolas’ last Sunday
This is scheduled for the 7th August with a party for him at S.Paul’s Church garden. Please speak to Clare if you would like to donate towards his leaving gift.
Cinema Club
The next outing is to see West Side Story at the outdoor Screen on the Canal in Kings Cross on Friday 29th July 7.30pm performance. Admission is free, we will be leaving from outside the church at 6.50pm promptly to walk to the venue or you can make your own way there. Click here for more details. We will then break for the summer.

Old S. Pancras Wine Cellar
Wine is served at many of our social events during the year and on Tuesdays after Mass (and is enjoyed by many of you!) Our cellar now needs restocking. Please bring any of your unwanted bottles or consider donating a bottle or two regularly. Hospitality is a vital part of our mission and outreach, but it isn’t without cost.

S.Mary’s Eversholt Street
Our sister church has been closed for public worship while urgent repairs are made to the masonry. Fr.Paschal and members of his congregation will be joining us on Sundays for the time being. Please make them feel welcome. 

Regular Giving
Supports our ministry and keeps our doors open everyday of the year for all. Click here to sign up. Every little helps.

Fr James annual leave

From the 12th until the 25th July, please contact Fr Paschal if you need a priest.


Mass Times

Sunday 24th July
17th per annum
Solemn Mass 9.30am followed by coffee

Monday 25th July

Mass 9.30am with Veneration of a relic of S.James

Tuesday 26th July
Ss. Joachim and Anne
Mass and Benediction 6.30pm followed by drinks

Wednesday 27th July
Mass 11am at S.Paul’s followed by coffee

Thursday 28th July
Mass at 10am followed by coffee

Friday 29th July
Ss. Martha, Mary and Lazarus

No Mass Fr James’ Day Off

Saturday 30th July
S.Peter Chrysologus

Mass 10am followed by coffee
Confessions 11am

Sunday 31st July
18th per annum
Solemn Mass 9.30am followed by coffee